My wife and I had an amazing experience working with Eileen

“My wife and I had an amazing experience working with Eileen. It was a difficult time to be a buyer. Every home we looked at received numerous offers above the listing price and were off the market within a week. Eileen committed the extra time to get a great understanding of our needs so we were ready to be aggressive when the right place came up. We saw a lot of homes and made multiple offers. Eileen helped us stay determined and on track during such a competitive market. We ended up finding our dream home and Eileen put us in position to have a great chance and compose an offer that would be hard to pass. We got the house and were able to relax until the closing date. We were walked through the whole process and Eileen took care of all of the timing and logistics. We plan on living in our home long term but will not hesitate to contact Eileen for our future home buying needs.”

— JG